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Pantone Foodmood


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by Guido Tommasi Editore
Hardcover: 288 pages
Product Dimensions: 9.5 x 1.1 x 10.7 inches

Pantone’s First-Ever Cookbook Is a Visual Feast

The worldwide color authority’s new culinary tome, Pantone Foodmood, features 56 colorful recipes

Cooking is as much a visual art as fashion, graphic design or interior design.

Now, in collaboration with Italy's premiere cookbook publisher, Pantone brings its expertise on eye-appeal into the kitchen. Fifty-six step-by-step recipes are gathered around eight colors and their variations, including: Yellow (Tarte Citron); Magenta (Sea Bream Tartar with Rose Petals); Green (Savory Asparagus Tart); Blue (Salad with Borage Flowers); Purple (Fox Grape Pudding); Orange (Tandoori Chicken with Basmati Rice); Red (Round Meringue with Wild Strawberries); and Brown (Coffee Semifreddo). Each recipe collection is introduced with an essay by a Pantone color expert, and each is styled to perfection and photographed in Pantone's full-color glory.

Added features include 40 suggested menus combining colors for occasions (brunch, a children's party, happy hour, a dessert buffet); cuisines (Italian, Mediterranean, Japanese, French); meals for every season; and many other themes. Also included is an extensive guide to necessary equipment, utensils and ingredients. And fifty hand-drawn color how-to sketches demonstrate styling and presentation techniques for creating delicious feasts for the eyes.

With a sleek modern layout and design, Pantone Foodmood is perfect for gift-giving. It will be coveted by cooks, food-lovers, Pantone devotees, and all those who love books beautifully made.